Represented by President Hadi: Arab Foreign Ministers renew Arab League support for legality in Yemen

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September Net

Foreign Minister Khaled al-Yemany contributed Friday to a preparatory ministerial meeting for 30th round of Arab League (AL) Council, at Arab leaders’ summit held in Tunisia.

Arab Foreign Ministers’ session devoted to discuss a draft of Arab Summit’s schedule, draft bills to be submitted to Arab leaders, topics relating to Palestinian cause, Arab-Israeli conflict and the cause of occupied Syrian Arab Golan.

Arab Foreign Ministers’ deliberations touched upon situations in Yemen and UN-led efforts for peace. They reiterated AL’s full support for legality in Yemen represented by President of Republic Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi.

The Ministers affirmed their support for the Yemeni government and its insistence on the three terms of reference including GCC’s Initiative, its executive mechanism, National Dialogue’s outcomes and UNSCRs resolutions, namely 2216 to reach a comprehensive and sustainable political solution in Yemen.

The Foreign Ministers confirmed AL’s support for the efforts of the UN envoy to Yemen, welcomed Stockholm Agreement, blaming Houthi militia for prolong humanitarian crisis and refusing to implement Stockholm Agreement.

The Ministers voiced their opposition and condemnation of the United Sates of America’s decision to recognize Israel’s sovereignty over the Syrian Golan, considering the American administration’s invalidate and serious violation of the UN chatter.




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