Tragic story of Yemeni child victim of Houthi militia’s landmines

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September Net Report

Zakaria is a Yemeni child, under 15, who has suffered permanent disability in an explosion of a landmine planted by the rebels Houthi militia.

Doctors at a hospital in India are trying to make him stand on feet again using medical devices and equipment as he is unable to move at all. But now Zakaria may leave the hospital because his father has been unable to afford the costs of month-long ongoing medicine and treatment.

Zakaria is from Al-Madhariba and Ra’s Al-Ara district in Yemen southern province Lahj. When the Houthi-laid landmine blew him up, he suffered from severe brain bleeding that fully paralyzed him and caused him loss of memory.

After his painful treatment journey at hospitals in Aedn and Taiz provinces was unhelpful, he had to move to India with his father. They arrived there with hope as well as heavy debt, reaching for healing and to restore life to Zakaria’s exhausted body.

Some video records of Zakaria medication shows slight improvement. This pushes his father to knock all doors, hopefully he may finds support to continue treating his son, and retake their both passports that have been being seized by the the hospital administration.

Zakaria’s father, Antar Hawash, says he “wants nothing but to keep on the treatment of my son,” but “nothing I can do”. Now Antar is at risk as he may have to return home if he doesn’t get support. Also, his kid would come back not smiling, with a lost memory. And his grieved mother who waits for him and the rest of his little siblings won’t be smiling too.

Many people who know Antar also would be sadden if he returns, even he himself, because he is aware of the humanitarian situation of his son but he can’t anything to save his life.

Antar appeals to the national Committee charged with the Yemen war- wounded there in Indian to pay attention to his son and contact the administration of the hospital to address the financial matter.

He also seeks every merciful people to help save his child and make up for his childhood that he lost in late 2017 after the tragic incident. He also calls on Lahj governor Maj. Ahmed Abdullah Turkey to move and save Zakaria from being dismissed from the hospital, as Zakaria has been urgently in need to stay in the hospital to carry out the medication process.


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