Yemeni-Emirati talks about development projects in Yemen

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September Net

Yemeni-Emirati official talks held on Wednesday between the Yemeni delegation headed by Prime Minister Dr. Ma’een Abdulmalik and Abu Dhabi Development Fund chaired by the General Director Mohammed Asswidi.

The session devoted to discuss aspects and mechanisms of cooperation and coordination between the two countries.

Discussions explored the contribution by Abu Dhabi Fund to carry out developmental and services projects in Yemen.

The two sides agreed that the government needs to provide an overall plan about the most urgent projects should be carried out first in different sectors.

The Yemeni side also urged to prioritize its needs and projects in the basic services, economic recovery, reconstruction, oil and gas production, e.t.c.

The Prime Minister suggested establishing an emergency financing basket to fund different significant projects, highlighting the need for technical support and consultancies that can help re-building Yemen in administrative and financial terms.

Dr. Ma’een said ” The UAE is Yemen’s key partner in development and battle and it has a remarkable experiment in achieving development goals and building the desirable future. Yemen also is very keen to benefit from the Saudi Arabia support and other friendly countries and donors as well”.


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