Army grips strategic positions in Al-Dhale & kills 25 Houthis


September Net

National army forces on Sunday, liberated strategic locations in Qatba district, north of Al-Dhale  province, in the southern of the country.

Early on Sunday, the army carried out a large-scale military operation, during which it liberated several strategic areas north of  Qataba district.

The army forces liberated the areas of Al-Shajara, Al-Khazan, Al-Qaramid, Al-Aswada and Al-Thorah, as well as the mountainous Al-soud series overlooking Hajar area north of the Qataba district.

In the meantime, the national army forces continue to advance towards the positions of Al- Oud area, north and west of the same district.

The operation resulted in the killing of 25 elements of Houthi militia and the wounding of others, in addition to the capture of three of its elements.


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