PM receives foreign researchers, analysts in Aden

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September Net

Prime Minister Dr. Ma’een Abdulmalik received on Wednesday in the temporary capital Aden a number of senior researchers, political and security analysts from the Atlantic Council.

Dr. Ma’een detailed the delegation about the grass-roots of Yemen’s current crisis, explain the government’s vision of the solution. He has made it clear that the International Community (IC) should not view the situation in as a humanitarian crisis, though humanitarian dilemma can’t be ignored.

He said” Yemen’s crisis is basically politically, the humanitarian crisis is a result not a cause, so to get the crisis solved, the grass-root of the problem must be addressed, Houthi militia’s coup is the reason for Yemen’s political and humanitarian crisis”.

The Prime Minister stated that the only practical and effective way to help Yemen and Yemenis getting rid of this dilemma, re-establish security and stability through supporting the official government and enabling it to do its job effectively.


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