Interior Ministry condemns twin terror attacks in the capital Aden

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September Net

Yemen’s Interior Ministry condemned twin terror attacks that struck the temporary capital Aden on Thursday morning and led to dozens of casualties among soldiers and police officers.

A graduation ceremony for military cadets was targeted by missiles and armed drone of Iran-backed Houthi militia, leading to the death of senior commander Muneer al-Yafiee among dozens of other casualties. A bit earlier a car bomb had struck a police station in Sheikh Othman district in downtown the city killing 13 cops and injuring several others.

“While it condemns these terror attacks in the strongest terms, the Interior Ministry affirms that – with support of all the national parties and the brotherly members of the Arab Coalition- it is determined to go forward in its war to eradicate terrorism and all the powers behind it and to purge Yemen from the Iran-backed Houthi militia to end their devastating agenda,” read a statement from the ministry.


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