For all the complexities, Govt won’t hang back in servicing all Yemenis, PM says

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September Net

Yemen’s Prime Minister said, “For all the complexities, the government won’t hang back in servicing all Yemenis, out of its sense of historical responsibility.”

In a meeting with the Chinese ambassador to Yemen Kang Yong here on Sunday, days after the separatist coup in Aden, he stressed the authority of the outcomes of the National Dialogue Conference in resolving all the local drivers of conflict.

He said those outcomes and other internationally recognized terms of reference for peace in Yemen offer radical solutions to all the grievances and secure a fair sharing of power and wealth.

He indicated that the legitimate government is the thing that now binds Yemenis from all stripes together.

He said the government is confident in the Saudi role to contain the turbulence in Aden and to accomplish the mission of the Arab Coalition in ending the Houthi coup and securing Yemen from becoming a launch pad for the Iranian threat to the region’s and the whole world’s security and stability.



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