Houthis renew shelling Red Sea Mills in Yemen’s Hodeida

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September Net

Houthi militia renewed their shelling against the Red Sea Mills in Hodeida on Thursday, causing serious damages to the grain facility.

Local sources told ‘September Net’ “the rebel militiamen launched a direct mortar shelling against the Red Sea Mills in Hodeida.”

The attack is the latest in a series of the Houthi militia continued violations to the cease-fire in the city.

“The militia shelling resulted in extensive damages to the facilities insides the mills and set them on fire as well,” added the sources.

Houthi rebels have repeatedly attacked the red sea mills in Hodeida, destroying large quantities of grain and large parts of the facilities inside it.

The Iran-backed militia continually breach the UN-led truce in Hodeida city, by shelling heavily populated areas leaving civilian causalities mostly women and children, as well as major destruction to the peoples’ houses and possessions.


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