In Yemen, if not a victim of a shot, you will be a victim of Cholera

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By Ameen Aljaradi

Here in Yemen, the situation is more than tragedy. According to
reports of international humanitarian organizations, Yemen faces the
worst famine in the history of the world.

In it’s war to liberate the remaining provinces and impose it’s
sovereignty, the internationally recognized government faces different
enemies, some of which are; Houthi-Saleh militias ally, al-Qaeda in
the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), and the Islamic State(ISIS).
This is not only what the government of Abdu Rabbo Mansur Hadi is
facing. The cholera epidemic, which spreads rapidly and intensely,
killing many, especially in the provinces that are still under the
control of the Houthi-Saleh militias coalition is another challenging.

And how do I regret to say “if not a victim of a shot, you will be a
victim of cholera.”
The ordinary citizen here in Yemen, faces cholera, drought, hunger,
and fierce wars. Residents sleep on crackle of bullets, explosion of
rockets, and wake up in a new morning of cholera.
Sad humanitarian stories, which are recounted by the history of a
country stumbling in the ways of stray minds, and ideas that are
beyond the eye of truth and of don’t serve man.

All of these tragedies are in one country. A country where the smell
of calamity is soaked in the silence of the world.
And there is nothing but, faint faces and bodies that die out of
hunger, and the spread of deadly epidemics every day.


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