Stop Deteriorating Economic and Educational System

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By Ameen Aljaradi

The economy is the lifeblood, which always reflects the living
conditions of the society. It has strongly affected, and the war has
brought it back decades.

The Yemeni economy has spent more than two years in the recovery room,
exposed to all critical economic operations, after the dreaded
militias has consumed all its economic body; the crisis has not only
left dead and wounded, but deteriorated the economic situation, and
has reached the lowest level.

All of which led to the deterioration of the economic situation and
livelihood of the Yemeni citizen.

The war with militias has had an impact on the educational process.
The educational process has lost – and continues to be – an important
part of its infrastructure and human resources (teachers, supervisors
and students), because schools have been affected, displacement for
students and teachers alike.

If the economy is important in the lives of nations, then education
also has that importance because of its influence on feeding minds.

Half of the total number of school-age children has stopped going to
school. Many schools have been closed because of violence and
instability, leading to catastrophic consequences for human resources,
and thus on the entire development process of the entire country in
the short, medium and long term.

It is clear that the suffering of education and the Yemeni economy
will worsen during the coup, and with the absence of prospects for
political solutions (final or temporary) that will save the rest of
the Yemeni state and its institutions and allow economic activity to
return to normal.


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