Prime minister heads to Riyadh

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September Net-

Prime Minister Ahmed Obeid bin-Daghar on Saturday left the temporary capital of Aden to the Saudi capital, Riyadh, for consultation with President Abdu Rabbu Mansour Hadi and meeting ambassadors to Yemen and sponsors of the GCC initiative .

He told Saba that he left Aden in response to directions of President Hadi, affirming that he will continue following up the implementation of projects and provision of services in Aden.

The prime minister indicated that the situation in Aden has got better, pointing out that efforts made by the government have been successful in one year of preparation, follow-up, provision of money, organization of efforts, inauguration of projects and laying stone foundations for projects.

He affirmed that Aden could overcome many challenges and difficulties, pointing out that some people are still trying to spark tensions in Aden.

The premier said that the government worked with ministers, deputy ministers, military commanders and officials of various institutions, emphasizing that it achieved successes.

“We have ordered to purchase enough fuels for the local market and electricity, provide funds to operate oil refineries and enable the oil company to perform its tasks,” he added.

“We have also ordered to purchase spare quantities of petroleum, diesel and Kerosene,” he added.

Aden Governor Abdul-Aziz al-Maflahi and Secretary-General of Cabinet Hussein Mansour accompanied the premier .



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