Houthis militias detain women, ban them from reaching liberated provinces

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The armed militias of Houthi-Saleh have violated the inviolability of Yemeni women when they detained and interrogated several female passengers few days ago in the provinces of Albaydah and Amran.

Six women passengers were using puplic transportion to the provinces of Mareb and AlJawf. They were stopped at one of the points manned by Houth-Saleh militias.They forced them out of the car, held for hours and banned from going ahead.

“I phoned my elder mother to check on her. She answered me crying pathetically, shivering of fears. She said militias ordered her out of the car,kept her in the Street for more than ten hours and then prevented her from going on along with two others families in al-Sawadiah district of Albaydah,” said Mohsen Thamer a leading figure from al-Mahweet

Mohsen added in a post on his FB that it was already over 10 o’clock pm local time when militia released his 80s elder mother,a kid,12, and two other families with their children.They had to walk back long distance at night by feet in the darknesd until they passed over al-Sawadiah and found a driver took them back to Sana’a for big amount.

Meantime, the Houthi-Saleh militias had also detained another three female passengers in Amran-Aljawf road. They put them under interrogations for over 12 hours before forcing them to back the way they come, a close source told September Net.

These behaviors and acts by militias against Yemeni women are totally contravene with Yemeni values and customs, moral and tribal norms as we live in a conservative society which highly honor women, ban their searching and detention or subject them to any of such manners, relatives said.

Notably, many passengers have been complaining about the way they are being treated with as they pass by militias’ held-areas, especially those who are heading toward the liberated provinces. Some of them have been kidnapped, others being interrogated and the rest prevented from traveling, a continuous violations by the militia for almost three years.



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