At least 25 Houthi militia, including a leader, killed, others captured in Al-Baydah

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More than 25 members of the militia were killed in Al-Baydah province on Wednesday during fierce clashes with National Army and popular resistance, a source on the field told September Net.

According to the source, 12 elements from the Iran-backed Houthi militia were killed and 4 captured during battles in the strategic region ‘Fadha’, eastern the province.

“The coup militia tried to sneak into the Asphalt road linking Al-Manajem and Akbat al-Kanda’ with Noma’an district. The army was able to liberate the road and cut off all Houthi rebels’ supplies,” said the source.

In the same development, one of the leaders of Houthi militia, Hassan Yahya al-Washli and a number of his escorts were killed in the warfront Qania east of Baydah.

More twelve militiamen were killed and others wounded and arrested in Qani in counterattack carried out by the army forces who also recovered large number of weapons and ammunition Houthi militia left behind them after they fled, military sources said.

The sources added that the army troops waged heavy artillery bombardment targeting the positions of Houthi militia stationed on outskirts of Al-Malajem.

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