Coalition jets inflict Houthi militias major losses in different fronts of the country.

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Saudi-led Arab Coalition warplanes have launched on Tuesday series of airstrikes targeting several positions ,gatherings and reinforcements belonging to Houthi coup militias in different war fronts of the country.

Local sources told September Net that the Coalition aircraft launched at least ten air raids on militias’ sites and rallies in Harrad district western Hajjah province, leaving many killed and injured as well as destroying combat vehicles.

In parallel, the Coalition’s jets have targeted today gatherings and combat vehicles belonging the Houthi insurgents in AlNadeer area of Razih district western Sa’ada province, resulting in the killing of the militiamen in the positions and destroying all the vehicles.

As for Alhodaidah province, the Coalition airstrikes targeted reinforcements belonging to Houthi militias, in its way to the front of the western coast, and completely destroyed it in Altaheta district.

Local sources told September Net, the war planes of the Arab Coalition have launched two airstrikes targeting militias checkpoint in Mandar area of Aldrehmi district western Alhodaidah, killing a number of militiamen including their leader.



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