New abductee tortured to death by Houthi militia


Anwar Al-Rukn, a journalist and political activist, has died on Thursday morning, two days after his releasing from the Houthi militia’s jails, as his health
deteriorated as an outcome of the fierce torture he suffered in Houthis- run prisons in Al-Saleh residential city east of Taiz province.

Al-Rukn was kidnapped a year ago from the Al-Houban area when the militia inspected him and found his press card while traveling from Al-Rahda area, south of Taiz.

“The abductee was severely tortured in the coup militia’s custody, and they let him out when his health seriously worsened, and denied his hospitalization,” sources close to his family told September Net.

They said:”he was subjected to the worst forms of physical and psychological torture before he was released in very poor condition.”

Notably, thousands of citizens and activists have been kidnapped by the Iran-backed Houthi militia from homes, markets and workplaces without any charge, and are being subjected to all forms of psychological and physical torture.

According to human rights reports, more than 120 abductees have died under the aggressive torture in the prisons of the Houthi militia since its coup, amid silence and disregard of international human rights organizations, that haven’t even condemned or taken any real stance to halt the militia’s practices and abuses against the civilian abductees.

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