Al-Jawf…Army forces make new advance towards the center of Barat Alanan

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National Army troops in Al-Jawf province continued it’s military operation towards the center of Barat Alanan district after liberating the most significant mountains from the control of Houthi coup militia.

In a statement to September Net the operation Commander in Alhasm brigade, Col. Abdullah Matwan said that the National Army supported by the Arab Coalition air forces have regained control over the mountains of Almarha, al-Agma, Almasamah, Alkhayalah and al-Ashash near the center of Barat Alanan district after fierce battles against Houthi militias.

Col. Matwan added that the army forces have liberated about 20 kilometers in the said district during the past week while the Houthi coupists witnessed majore collapse and setback among their lines.

“Dozens of Houthi coup militiamen were killed and wounded during the battles”, according to Col. Matwan.



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