More than 23 Houthi rebels killed in Al-Jawf province

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At least 23 members of Houthi putschist militia were killed and dozens injured in battles with National Army forces in Al-Jawf province, on Friday.

A military source told September Net that the army forces managed, after fierce battles on Friday’s morning, to block a militia infiltration attempt toward some sites they had lost to army in the past two days in Al-Ghurfah and Al-Haijah areas of Al-Masloob district, south the province.

More than 23 Houthi insurgents were killed and two were captured in the attempt, while the rest elements fled and retreated the battlefield, the source added.

Meantime, Arab coalition warplanes conducted four air raids targeting reinforcements for the rebel militia in Al-Akda front of the same district, resulted in destruction of several combat vehicles.

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