Vice President is acquainted with plans for fighting smuggling, terrorism

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Vice President, the Deputy Supreme Commander of Armed Forces, Ali Mohsen Saleh met on Sunday with representatives of Yemen in Yemen Friends Group’s security team and discussed with them Yemen’s plan for fighting smuggling and terrorism, as well as improving Yemeni armed forces.

He was briefed by the team on the plans to be implemented with financing from brothers and friends in the Security Team of Yemen’s Friends, highlighting double efforts and making use from experiences of brothers and friends for improving the military forces; ground, marine and air forces to play its role in the regional and international security.

For its part, the team reviewed its role in training and rehabilitating affiliates of the Yemeni military forces, pointing to the recent graduation of a batch from border guards.

The team confirmed keenness on enhancing coordination and improving relations between Yemen and brotherly and friendly countries.


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