Army’s Moral Guidance on the frontlines of Hajjah

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September Net

The team of the army’s Moral Guidance has inspected Tuesday the situations and the mass destruction left by Houthi militias’ war on the city of Medi in Hajja province before the army pushed them out last year.

The team’s visit came as part of their field inspections to the National Army forces in the 5th Military Region and the headquarter of Arab coalition’s Joint Operation Forces in the province.

The team was briefed on level of coordination among the different army’s units in the warfronts of Hajja.

They met with the commander of coalition’s Joint Operation Brig. Gen. Majed al-Harbi, discussing several topics related to combat operations and training and rehabilitation program of national warriors in order to gain more victories against Houthi militias.

Col. al-Ashwal, the team leader, highly appreciated support of Arab coalition to Yemeni Legitimate government and National Army in confronting the Iran-backed Houthi militia who has waged the war against Yemenis since 21 September 2014.


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