Houthi militia kills woman, injures another in Hodeida

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September net

Iran-backed Houthi militias shot dead a woman and injured another in the port city of Hodeida, west of the country.

A medical source told “September Net” that a militia sniper killed a woman under the name Ra’anana Suleiman Awad in  a residential village in Hays district.

The source added that a mortar shell fired by the rebel militia landed on a civilian house in the same area, causing serious injuries to a lady and fully destroying the house.

Meanwhile, a number of residential houses were also completely demolished by the militias’ heavy and random mortar’s rockets on al-Mandhar neighborhood, according to another sources.

They said many nearby  houses have sustained extensive damages, as well.

Houthi militia has been attacking the civilians in Hodeida by shelling and sniper shootings indiscriminately and deliberately in daily basis. They have killed and injured hundreds of people mainly women and children.


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