Houthi terrorists commit 7000 murders against civilians in Ibb province

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26 Sept. Newspaper

Iran-backed Houthi militias have committed 700 premeditated murders against civilians in Yemen central province of Ibb..

The militia has invaded Ibb in October 2014. Since then, the city is witnessing a mass security disorders.

According to Human rights and local reports, Houthi militias have carried out the 7000 murders in the daylight and in front of the public since Oct.2014..

Besides killing innocent people in the city, Pro-Houthi militants have even killed some their own blood relatives. The last crime of these was committed by a Houthi leader called Fath al-Muraisy, who killed three brothers of his own relatives.

The murder shocked and triggered anger among the ordinary people, who took to the streets demanding punishment for the perpetrator, but the militiamen attacked and dispersed protesters.

700 murders in one single province is very alarming figure. But the numbers could be bigger in some other provinces that still under the militia’s control.

In Hodeida city for example, the terrorist Houthi militias killed and injured 27 people only in December 2018.

Medical sources in the port city said” the militias drivers smashed 27 civilians, some of them died and others in serious conditions.”

According to psychologists and experts, one reason behind Houthi crimes against people is the narcotic drugs the militiamen is taking, beside the ideological and terror ideas which the militias instill in the minds of its followers.


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