Over 3115 HR violations committed by Houthis in Sana’a during 2018

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September Net

The Human Rights Office in the capital Sana’a issued a report on Tuesday saying that the Iran-backed Houthi coup militias have perpetrated 3115 human rights violations against civilians in 10 districts throughout Sana’a during the year 2018.

The reports mentioned that the cases of violations and crimes committed by the coup militia included killing 59 civilians, wounding 53, kidnapping 384, looting 309 public and private institutions and also 96 cases of persecutions.

“32 women and two old men were abducted by the militias in different areas of Sana’a”.

” 143 civilians were kidnapped and subjected to the worst form of torture and cruel treatment in the prisons of the Houthi militias, 7 of them died under the torture “. According to the report

The report confirmed the Houthi rebels have recruited more than 455 children to fight against the government during the year 2018.


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