UN tolerance allowed Houthistomaintainthe coup, politicians tell Griffiths

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The United Nations tolerance with the Houthi has allowed the armed militia to maintain the coup they mounted in 2014, Yemeni politicians told the UN Secretary General’s Special Envoy for Yemen Martin Griffiths.

In a meeting with Griffiths in Riyadh on Thursday, the representatives of the General People’s Congress, the Yemen Congregation for Reform (Islah), the Socialist, the Nasserite Unionist and other parties contended to Griffiths that political solution can’t be reached in Yemen before the militia end the coup by handing over the arms and cities they control back to the government.

They called upon Griffiths to increase his advisors to represent all Yemen’s interest groups instead of representing only one group.

The parties said the Houthi hindrance of the implementation of the Stockholm Agreement terms regarding Hodeidah is a rejection of peaceful solution and a defiance to the international community.

They told Griffiths to name the party hindering the peace process in his next briefing to the UN Security Council.

They stressed the imperative of the unaccomplished prisoner exchange deal saying that the government is especially interested in its success, out of a humanitarian motive. They said the UN should have pressed the Houthis to unconditionally release the abductees that they hold in custody.


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