Over 100 Houthi rebels killed, injured in various fronts last week


26 NewsPaper – Hisham al-Tamimi

More than 100 of Iran-backed Houthi militiamen including field leaders were killed and injured during the battles that took place last week in multiple warfronts with the National Army.

Yemeni army has also managed during the fighting to liberate significant areas and locations, inflicting the Houthi rebel militia heavy casualties and major losses in equipment in different Yemeni governorates.

In the northern province Sa’ada

The militia inflicted heavy human and materials losses following a sudden offensive on their sites,  resulted in liberating two strategic mountains ranges of” Rashaha” and Al-Meel in Buka’ front.

National Army had also imposed control on the international highway between Sa’ada city and Kitaf-Buka front, establishing its first military point on it. In addition, the army found arms depot with all type of weapons after the militia was driven out from liberated areas.

In al-Shamiya front, the army’s artillery destroyed the militia’s operation room where a number of Houthi leaders were gathering in a meeting, resulted in killing seven rebels including commanders and several others were wounded.

In Kitaf district, Yemeni troops captured a number of areas  including two key mountains after a surprised attack on the Houthi militia, which fled and retreated.

In Baqim district, the army destroyed two combat vehicles belonging the coupist militia, and killed and wounded a number of its elements during clashes near Baqim center.

Taiz province

8 militiamen were killed and scores were wounded after the army thwarted their infiltration attempt southeastern the city.

Arab coalition’s fighters launched several air raids on the militia’s reinforcements last Saturday, inflicting the Houthi rebels a number of killed and injured and demolished two military vehicles.

In the city’s western front, the  army’s artillery shelling hit accurately the militia while in a meeting at a farm, killing 9 among them leaders and wounding several others. The army also destroyed a combat vehicle and killed all its rebel crew.

Two militiamen were killed in failed infiltration in the eastern front of Taiz.

Al-Dhale province

The army troops killed 12 and wounded 15 elements from the Iranian backed Houthi militia in Damt city

Scores rebels were also killed and wounded and a number of its military vehicles were destroyed by the army’s artillery bombing on the militia’s sites in the same front.


Translated from Arabic by Rafat Ameen


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