Militia attacks UN’s liaison officers, demining team

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September Net

Houthi rebel militia attacked liaison officers of the UN and the Yemeni government and demining team charged pulling out landmines to secure routes in the city of Hodediah on Tuesday.

The militiamen opened fire on the deminers and denied the UN’s team access to the Red Sea Silos in Hodediah city.

The Yemeni government’s spokesperson Rajeh Badi told the Yemeni News Agency (Saba) “The officers affiliated to the legitimate government moved at :8:00 a.m. to the Red Sea Mills then at : 9:00 a.m. they headed along with liaison officers of the UN, reporters and demining teams tasked with removing landmines networks in the area of Qows Annasser nearby frontline”.

Badi added” Suddenly, the team came under heavy fire by Houthi militiamen, despite a coordination in advance done with the UN envoy who in turn informed the team that Houthis promised him to observe cease-fire and demining”.

Badi stated that liaison officers were waiting for the UN’s envoy to enter the Red Sea Silos, but the militiamen refused to open the route. Later on the UN envoy reported to the government’s team that following long-time waiting the Houthis denied them access to the Mills, asked the team to go back until anther notice.


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