Yemen: Houthis kill, injure 100 civilians in January 2019

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September Net – By Kamal Hasan

Iran-backed Houthi militia has committed brutal crimes against civilians in Yemen during January 2019, killing  and wounding 100 people, mostly women and children.

The militia’s violations took place in different Yemeni provinces, included sniper attacks and indiscriminate bombardment of residential neighborhoods.

In the southern Yemen province of Hodeida, Houthi snipers killed two women and one child and injured three more children within same period.

In the city of Taiz which they besieged for more than three years, the putschist militia murdered an elderly lady by sniping her. Many civilians were also injured by the sniper shooting in the city.

The militia stationed at the hilltop positions continue deliberately to shoot at the citizens while they are in front of their houses, fetching water and going to hospital.

The Houthis continue bombarding with mortar and Katyusha rockets the residential areas, killing dozens people, wounding others.

Last Saturday, the militia committed a massacre against internally displaced people (IDP)  in Hajjah province North of the country. They fired rockets on an IDP camp, leaving 35 casualties displaced most of them women and children.

On January 11, the Houthis carried out another genocide against the people in Sheyla region in Harad city of Hajjah by bombing it with Katyusha rockets. As result, 8 civilians among them women and children were killed and 7 more wounded.

In Hodeida, where the rebel should have withdrawn from the city in line with Stockholm Agreement, a number of civilian casualties were reported killed and injured by the militia’s hysterical bombing on populated areas. Women and children as usual were the victims of the Houthi attacks, while people’s property sustained severe damages.

Last Friday, the Houthi killed a mother and injured her children after a mortar  shell the rebel fired on their house in Hais city of Hodeida. As people rush to the targeted home to rescue the family, the militia bombed the house again killing one helper, wounding another.

On January 5, the militia targeted an IDP camp in Khokha city, critically wounding 5 children and damaged the camp.

More civilian also got hurt after the rebels shelled their houses in the districts of Toheita and Deraihmi.

In Taiz, one woman was killed along with her child and 16 people injured as the militia bombed a crowded neighborhood of Rawda downtown the city on January 5. On this same day, Iran allied putschist also wounded 6 persons including children by bombing.

On January 2, a women was killed and 12 civilians injured by Houthi militia’s mortars’ rockets on Al-Zera’a residential neighborhood.

In al-Jawf province, Houthi militiamen  killed two children and wounded a third by firing Katyusha missile on people’s houses in Al-Ghail district on January 10.

Human Rights Office in the province and a local NGO documented the killing and wounding of 32 children by the militia’s bombardment on the district between October 2016 and January 2019.

Houthi rebel militia also carried out bombing on residential neighborhoods with Katyusha rockets in Hajjah, Taiz and Marib provinces, leaving many civilian casualties and damages on people’s possessions.


Translated into English by Rafat Ameen



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