Houthi militias inflicted major losses in Taiz


26 September Newspaper

The Iran-backed Houthi coup militias have suffered dozens killed and wounded and heavy material losses during the ongoing battles with National Army backed by Arab coalition in the western areas of Taiz province.

26 September Newspaper quoted a military source saying ” heavy clashes erupted after the Houthi militias tried to launch attack on positions controlled by the army forces in the area of “al-Ashrooh” in the south of Makbanah district western Taiz. But the army thwarted the attack and killed 3 militiamen, wounded five others and forced the rest to flee..

Meanwhile, the artillery forces of the army targeted a meeting for the leaders of Houthi rebels in a farm in the area of Al-Rubaie western Taiz, killing nine elements including field leaders and wounding more.

National army also shelled reinforcements of Houthi rebels near the Al-Raud school in the same area, destroying one military patrol and killing or wounding militants on boards.

According the sources, eight militiamen were killed and more wounded in clashes with national army in the al-Shukb front west of Taiz.

The al-Shukb front is one of the key battlefields in the Taiz because it  represents the main gate of Saber-almwadem areas that supervise the city entirely.

In the southwestern fronts of Taiz, the militia groups attempted to sneak into military sites in Wahr area of Jabal Habashi district, but  the army forced them to retreat after killing 8 and wounding several,  according to ground sources for 26 sept. Newspaper.

As for the front of al-Dhabab, the army launched fierce artillery shelling on positions, gatherings and reinforcements of the Houthi rebels in Madarat area, leaving scores of killed and wounded and also serious material losses among militia’s ranks


Houthi militias’ crimes against civilians

The Iran-backed Houthi rebels continued their terror acts against citizens of Taiz. The militia targeted with mortar shells several residential neighborhoods downtown the city.

The  shelling left one woman dead  and 12 civilians including women, children sustained different injuries. One civilian’s car was also burned.

The Iran-backed Houthi militia invaded Yemen’s third largest city, Taiz, earlier in 2015, and since then they have been laying a tightened siege around the city’s entrances.

Houthi militia have killed and wounded thousands of unarmed citizens mostly women and children by heavily and randomly shelling with artillery and Katyusha rockets and directs snipers attacks.


In the meantime, Arab coalition warplanes launched airstrikes the militias’ locations and gatherings west of the city, resulting in the killing and wounding of several militiamen and destroying combat vehicles.



By Majeed al-Dhababi and Hesham al-Mohaiya



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