Chinese Ambassador: Yemeni people can manage all difficulties, achieve peace

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September Net

Ambassador of People’s Republic of China to Yemen Kang Yong said Yemeni history bears several evidences vindicate that the Yemeni people can cope with all challenges, Yemenis have enough wisdom and competency to establish peace and stability in the new year and move forward on the path of economic development to improve living conditions and achieve national renaissance.

Mr. Yong added in article he penned on the Chinese Spring Festival and Chinese new year corresponding February 5 according to Chinese Calendar “This year I’m going to celebrate Spring Festival along with the Yemeni people, this does have special meaning for me”.

He explained that” Spring Festival is the most important Chinese festivity, dated back as early as 4000 years, it has special importance for Chinese people, reflects sticking to Chinese traditions and constant struggle for better life, Chinese determination to make Chinese dream a reality”.

The Chinese diplomat goes on saying” Yemen like China, great nation with long history and ancient civilization, the Yemeni people kept on passing Yemeni traditional culture from generation to generation and enriching it throughout thousands years to preserve such an ancient civilization” .

The Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China expressed his deep regret and sadness for the ongoing war and conflict that Yemen has been experiencing.

Mr. Kang hoped that Yemenis can reach peace agreement to put an end of the war, noting that he is willing to do his utmost to help pushing peace process ahead, wishing the Yemeni people all the best in the Chinese new year.


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