Houthi militias shell IDP camp again, injure two children and two women

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September net

Two children and two women have been injured by Houthi coup militias’ shelling on a camp for internally displaced people in Hajjah province.

The governor of Hajjah Ameen al-Senayni said to Yemeni News Agency, Saba,  “Two children and two women sustained critical wounds as a result of a shell fired by the Iran-backed coupist militia on Sheleelah IDPs camp in Haradh district on Saturday,”.

The militia had fire similar shelling on the same camp on January 26, killing eight displaced people and injuring more than 20 others.

“The militia’s violations against unarmed civilians including in IDP camps have gained momentum,” the governor said. He called on the international community to take action to prevent the militia from attacking civilians.


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