76 people killed by Houthis’ 1112  violations of Hodeida truce

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September Net

Houthi militia has killed 76 civilians and injured 492 by conducting 1112 breaches of Hodeida cease-fire from Dec.18 until Feb. 9, 2019.

According to monitoring reports of which Yemen News Agency ( Saba) got a copy of, Houthi militias continue their violations with all types of weapons targeting civilians’ houses, public areas and national army’s posts.

The reports noted to the militia’s attack on the UN’s team tasked with monitoring the implementation of Stockholm Agreement, and the rebels’ recent bombing of the Red Sea Silos that contains the UN’s stores of aid wheat and flour without any regard to International Community.

The reports said Houthi militia is still reinforcing its positions, planting mines and digging trenches in the city of Hodeida, in deliberate acts to fail the Sweden deals.


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