Houthis’ breaches of Hodeidah cease-fire prove unseriousness for peace

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September Net – Mohammad Mansour

Houthis continue its violations against population in western coast of Hodeida province, where the rebel militia’s barbaric aggression and breaches of the UN-sponsored cease-fire is ongoing in the city.

The Houthi rebels intensifies its mobilizing of fighters and reinforcements to the port city, continually targeting civilians with all sorts of heavy weapons.

When the people in Tuhaita district refused to join the militia’s ranks, their houses were heavily bombed. Similarly, the militia laid a siege on the citizens in Al-Jarahi and kidnapped hundreds of youth who refused to fight with them and threw them in jails.

Many civilians were forced to leave their own villages in Tuhaita due to Houthis’ continued atrocities and violations against them. They left their farms, their only source of income, and now they hardly can provide for their living.

The militia is carrying our collective punishment against people who decline to support its criminal agenda. They largely and randomly intensify mines in the city’s rural parts.

Two days ago,  two little brothers aged 8 and 13, sustained life-threatening injuries in a mine explosion hit a motorcycle they were abroad.

Houthi militia hasn’t committed to the cease-fire since it started on December 18. They shell residential neighborhoods almost every day, fully destroying a number of houses and partially damaged others.

The militia has no intention to abide the Stockholm Agreement, including the Hodeida deal that provides for the militia withdrawal from the city. Instead, the Houthis proved their unwillingness to do that and send huge military reinforcements to the eastern parts of Duraihemi district. They take advantage from the government’s forces commitment to the cease-fire truce sponsored by UN.

Houthi militia’s breaches of the cease-fire agreement reached 1112 since its start on December 18, 2018 until February 9, 2019.

“Those breaches claimed the lives of 76 civilians and injured 492 others, some of them critically,” according  the report by military observers.

The report cited the recent “attack the militia conducted against a UN mission responsible for overseeing the implementation of the Stockholm Agreement” in Hodeidah and “the attack against UN-maintained food warehouses” in Hodeidah. The report said “these attacks affirm the Houthi disregard for the international community.”

“The militia has also been bolstering their defenses on a large scale; planting landmines and digging trenches in the city’s entrances and around the key sites.”

All crimes and violations committed by the Houthi rebel militia are clear evidence of the militia’s disregard of United Nation’s charts and International Law of Human Rights. These violations also prove the Houthis’ unseriousness and unwillingness to engage in peace talks and deliberately destroy any chance for settlement.


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