Hajjah,,, Tens Houthi militants including leaders killed, injured in Hajoor


September Net – Hajjah

Dozens of Iran-backed Houthi militia including commanders were killed and injured in clashes with Hajoor tribesmen in Hajjah province.

Among the dead leaders so-called Ayed Abdu-Rabu Harash, a son of a prominent Sheikh who joint the Houthi militia to fight against Hajoor tribes.

Meanwhile, an air raid carried out by Arab coalition Sunday night on a military patrol for the militia wounded the Houthi leader Malik Murshed Jabah, while scores of his escorts were also killed and wounded.

Coalition warplanes also launched series of raids pounded Houthi rebels’ positions and gatherings, causing deaths and injuries among them.

Houthi militia, as always, responded to its ground defeats and losses with heavy shelling on civilians and houses in the region they besieged with all types of weapons.


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