IDP camps management unit warns of aggravating conditions in Houthi-besieged Kushar

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September Net

The Executive Unit for IDP Camps Management has warned of the aggravating humanitarian conditions in the district of Kushar which is under Houthi militias’ siege.

In a report, the Unit said that the coupist militias have been deploying their militants around the district in the northern Yemen province of Hajjah “obstructing food and medical deliveries to it.”

The report pointed out that “1669 families had been displaced to villages within the district and had to resettle in school buildings and mountain caves.” Other 1340 families had been displaced into the neighboring districts of Khairan al-Mahraq, Aslam and Abs” and even beyond the province of Hajjah.

The majority of Hajoor’s 141000 tribesmen who are staying in their homes under Houthi siege and threat of continuous shelling suffer a severe shortage of food in their homes and may starve if the months-long siege continues longer.


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