In Houthi-run jails,,, If not a victim of torture, you’ll be a victim of Tuberculosis

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September Net

Hilal Al-Jarf, a Yemeni citizen who wasn’t this time a victim of brutal torture that all abductees exposed to in Houthi militias-run jails, but rather a victim of a deadly Tuberculosis sweeping inside the militia’s prisons in Dahmer.

Houthi militias abducted Al-Jarf from his house to a jail run by its militias inside the Community Faculty in Dahmer province.

His family received the death news of its sole breadwinner three days ago after being infected with Tuberculosis inside the Houthi militia’s jails.

The story began days ago when several inmates got infected with the disease but the Houthis didn’t care about it, sources inside a Houthi prisoner told “almasder-online.

The sources said the number of cases affected by Tuberculosis infection have been increased recently inside Houthi jails, pointing out that the death of Al-Jarf is one example.

Source closed to the victim said he was kidnapped many times by Houthi gunmen, and detained Al-Jarf for nearly a year, pointing out that he suffered psychological disorders and infectious diseases.

Houthi militias have been denying abductees and detainees in its prisons of medicines, treatment and family visits. Many of them have been infected with diseases, namely Tuberculosis.

A number of ex-prisoners in the same province  have also confirmed that a group of abductees suffer psychiatric, seizures and epilepsy diseases that  spread inside the Houthi militia’s custody.


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