Yemen embassy in US condemns Houthi execution orders against political detainees

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Yemen’s embassy to the United States has condemned the recent ruling by a Houthi court in Sana’a to execute 30 political detainees on trumped-up charges.

In a statement, the embassy said the verdict by the Iran-backed militia affected 30 peaceful activists;”academicians, students and politicians all with no history of participation in the (armed) conflict.” The embassy considered the verdict ” a grave violation of human rights and all international laws.”

Yemen’s ambassador to the US said the Houthis exhibit a disdain of the rule of law as credible information indicate the militia have tortured these civilians in their custody.

The ambassador called on all members of the US congress to take a stance towards these stark violations.

He called on them to adopt the resolution introduced by senators Tom Cotton and Will Hurd to condemn the Houthi movement for human rights violations.

He said that the criminal Houthi guerilla has committed thousands of crimes against the Yemeni people include the crimes of child soldier recruitment, confiscation of humanitarian aid, and planting landmines across vast swaths of territory in Yemen indiscriminately.


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