Yemen’s mine problem discussed in Jordan

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The National Program for Dealing with Mines has participated in a meeting for the international donors and non-government organizations organized by UNDP here on Friday.

The Director of the Program General Amin Al-Uqaili said the meeting aimed at informing donors and supporting organizations on accomplishments of the first half of 2019 and giving them a picture on mine catastrophe caused by Houthi militia’s coup against the state, in addition to understanding obstacles and challenges facing the program.

He pointed out that the program provided a review on recent updates topped by extension stipulated by Ottawa’ agreement on banning anti-personal mines and showing many challenges like discovering new mines and faked-shapes mines planted by Houthi militia, as well as explosives work by rays with remote control and sea mines, which floated in the Red Sea and killed civilians.

He also talked about economic hardship facing the national program.

The program presented a review on coordination office of the executive mine center, which aims at gathering all demining activities and helping victims, he said.

The meeting came out with understanding that the mining program needs support.

Al-Uqaili praised all donors’ efforts in field of demining led by UNDP, US, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Netherlands, France, Germany, Japan, UK and all NGOs.



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