Def. Minister, Chief of Staff: Military Institution stands beside President Hadi


September Net

Yemen’s Defense Minister Lt. Gen. Mohammed Al-Mqdashi and General Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Abdullah Al-Nakha’ee’ has confirmed the military institution stands beside constitutional legitimacy represented by His Excellency President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi, the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces.

In a joint letter to President Hadi, they both highlighted the traumatic events due to Iran-backed Houthi rebels militia against legitimacy have affected the security and stability of the homeland. And what happening in the interim capital of Aden by group who lost their interests and attacked the state institutions aim to turning the tide battle and promoting Houthi militia and radical groups.

“Therefore، proceeding from our national responsibilities، we reaffirm our support for the President Hadi as Yemen’s Armed Forces committed to implementing President Hadi directives under any circumstances”, they added.

Armed forces are ready to do in the national battle against Houthi militia and all the despicable chaotic projects.

They noted the military Institution will strike with an iron fist all the proponents of secession, rebellion and regionalism so as to preserve the social fabric.



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