Aden rebellion aimed to deflect govt and Arab Coalition from confronting Iranian agenda, says PM

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Prime Minister Maeen Abdulmalik said the rebellion that the southern Yemen separatists started in Aden on August 11 and the government rolled back today to where it started, Aden, was meant to deflect the government and its backers, the Arab Coalition, from confronting the Iranian agenda IN Yemen.

“What happened in Aden, the rebellion of armed groups belonging to the Transitional Council, was a desperate attempt to deflect the government and the Coalition from their mission; confronting the Iranian sectarian agenda in the region and Iran’s stooges in Yemen – [the Houthis],” he said in a meeting with the local government of Marib today.

The Prime Minister said the prime goal of President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi’s government is to end the Iran-backed coup.

He noted that the government, as always, presses the imperative of dialogue and is willing to incorporate all political actors and all political projects within the state in line with the national tenets.

He praised the people of Marib and Shabwa for defending the country since 2014, receiving the displaced Yemenis and thwarting the consecutive conspiracies against the nation.



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