Statement by Yemen’s Defense Ministry and General Staff


September Net

Yemen’s Defense Ministry and Military Staff condemned the UAE air strikes on the legitimate government forces in the interim capital Aden and its outskirts and in Zunjubar district of Abyan province that took the lives of more than 300 army’s soldiers and innocent civilians.

In a statement issued Thursday, the Def. Ministry said, “the UAE is fully responsible for these heinous and deliberate airstrikes against the international law and costumes and violates the goals of the Arab Coalition intervention in Yemen”.

The number of air raids since Wednesday evening has reached 10 and the warplanes still hovering up to this moment, the statement read.

“We call upon our military and political leadership، Saudi Arabia as a leader of the Arab coalition countries to punish perpetrators، those who don’t care about the blood of Yemenis، who are sacrificing their lives for the homeland، its sovereignty، dignity and to face the Iranian projects to control the Arabian Peninsula.

The statement renewed its support to the government’s requesting UAE to stop all forms of financial and military support to all military formations outside the state and law  in Yemen.


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