Yemen denounces Israeli occupation’s plans to annex West Bank

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September Net

The Republic of Yemen has denounced statements of the Prime Minister of Israeli entity Benjamin Netanyahu on annexation of lands in the occupied West Bank and imposing sovereignty on Jordan Valley and northern part of the Dead Sea.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has confirmed that Netanyahu’s declaration represents stark violation to international legitimacy and UN resolutions on the legal status of the occupied Palestinian Territories. The ministry has also confirmed that the declaration diminishes any chance for progress in peace process.

Yemen held the Israeli entity responsible on results and repercussions of these statements and confirmed its firm position supporting Palestinian people and its legitimate rights led by establishing their independent state with Quds is its capital in accordance with Arab Peace Initiative and UN resolutions.

The Ministry welcomed Saudi Arabia’s call for holding emergency meeting for the Organization of Islamic Cooperation on foreign ministers’ level for tackling this issue and taking a serious action for facing Israeli prime minister’s declaration.



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