Parliament Speaker: Brothers’ keenness on Yemen’s unity reflects unified destination

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Parliament Speaker Sultan al-Barakani has said the remarkable keenness on Yemen’s unity and sovereignty by brother countries-led by Saudi Arabia confirms unified destination with Yemen.

This keenness on Yemen’s unity is appreciated by Yemeni people and makes us- in response- reject anything harming stability of these countries by Iran and its terrorist hands and call the world to reject and denounce acts threatening world security and peace, added al-Barakani in a speech he delivered in the International Parliament Union’s 141st Round.

We came from a war-torn country, where people sustain severe conditions in different fields over Houthi rebel militia’s practices and violating rights and freedoms, killing people, destroying cities, bombing mosques, displacing people, depriving women their rights and recruiting children as soldiers in their warfronts, he said.

All these practices are aftermaths of Houthi militia’s coup against the state five years ago and Iranian interferences in the region.

” You might followed up what happened last August and the sorrowful incidents in a part of our beloved homeland in Aden Province and seizure some of state institutions and brothers in Saudi Arabia have initiated sincere efforts for ending these incidents and unifying fronts,” he said.

“Now preparations for signing an agreement in the kingdom (Saudi Arabia) are underway and I call you to applaud it and support those efforts, which will lead to restore all state institutions in Aden and overcome this ordeal,” he added.

He confirmed extended hands for permanent peace and support to any faithful effort seeks to realize peace, especially efforts of the United Nations and its Envoy to Yemen Martin Griffiths as peace is a strategic choice.

He called upon Houthi militia to surrender to peace, abandon violence and transfer into a political party and implement UN resolutions led by Resolution 2216.

He pointed out that Stockholm Agreement is a significance indicator for peace process and dealing with it by militia is a test for its seriousness for peace and without implementing this agreement every attempt is not serious and every effort is not fruitful.

As Houthis continue their breaches for agreements and pledges, we will not accept this Houthi stubbornness and not allow them to destroy what remains in the homeland, he said.

Hence, we call for practical dealing with our country’s issue and demand transference from denouncing statements to illegal interferences into a legal action deterring continuous interferences harming Yemen’s security and security of the whole region.

While he appreciated support of the counties, which have representatives in the 141st Round of the International Parliament Union, to Yemen, he pointed out to Houthi militia’s illegal prosecution of 35 parliament members who attended Parliament’s sessions in Sayoon last April for reactivating the role of the parliament and electing new presidency to it.

He pointed out to miserable conditions of other members in Houthi-held areas and called upon the union to take frank and serious position towards Houthi practices against the MPs.

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