As world marks Int’l Children’s Day, 4.5 million Yemeni children suffer from Houthis aggressions

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The world celebrated Yesterday, Wednesday, on the occasion of children’s International Day, while millions of children in Yemen still live in tragic and difficult health conditions, in addition to continuing violations since the coup of Houthi militia against the state in 2014.

The Houthi rebel militia practiced the worst violations against children in Yemen, deprived them from all services ensured by international laws and principles and dragged them into war fronts.

Minister of Social Affairs and Labor Ibtihaj al-Kamal has said that 4.5 million children have left schools and were deprived from education since Houthi militia’s coup on September 2014.

The minister al-Kamal said in a statement that 2 million children out of 3 million born during the war suffer health problems and big number of them died due to deterioration of health care and not receiving necessary vaccinations in Houthi –held areas.

She confirmed that children have been victims to mines planted by Houthi militia in populated neighborhoods and roads and up to 800 children were killed and injured by mines.

The war- triggered by Houthi militia- forced more than 2 million children to go to labor market and sustain hard work to support their families, she said, adding that Houthi militia has recruited more than 23,000 children and kidnapped 700 children across their held-areas.

Local and international human rights organizations documented thousands of abuses against the children that were committed by the Houthis rebels over the last five years.

The Yemeni Network for Rights and Liberties said on Wednesday on the occasion of the World Children’s Day anniversary, that it reported in coordination with 13 international organization, nearly 65971 human rights violations committed by the Houthi militia against children in seventeen Yemeni provinces, from 1st January, 2015, until 30 August, 2019.”

“During the said period, the militia killed 3,888 children in direct executions and injured 5,357 other children by indiscriminate shelling of neighborhoods causing 164 of the children to be permanently disabled,” said the NGO in a statement.

The militia recruited 12,341 children to the warfront, caused the displacement of 43,608 others and still holds 456 kidnapped children in its captivity.”

The NGO called on the international community to end their flagrant silence, act seriously against those abuses in line with their moral obligations towards Yemeni children.”


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