Govt condemns Houthi military campaign against central Yemen village, int’l silence

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September Net

Yemen’s government condemned a Houthi military campaign against a village in central Yemen’s province of Dhamar and deplored the international silence for the theocratic militia’s non-stopping atrocities in their areas of control.

In a statement on Saturday, the Ministry of Human Rights said the militia have kicked five civilians and injured others so far in a campaign going on for three days against the people of al-Masaqira village in al-Hada region of Dhamar.

“The militia have launched an attack with all sorts of weapons, imposed a siege around the village, attacked women and children and displaced them,” said the statement. It is not known yet why the Houthi militia launched the attack, but the militia naturally does not tolerate any form of dissent against its theocratic rule.

“The indiscriminate shelling has caused the burning of three houses and destructed other houses otherwise. The militia also arrested 146 villagers including children rounding them up to al-Mardaa Jail in the center of al-Hada district,” said the statement.

The ministry condemned the international silence and it is “surprised by the failure of the international community and the U/N Security Council to take tough actions against the militia as they conduct such atrocities against unarmed civilians.” “The international silence emboldens the militia to go on with such atrocities.”


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