Chinese Ambassador to September Net: We will continue supporting Yemeni legitimate Gov.

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September Net

Ambassador of China to Yemen Kang Yong said that his country , as a permanent member of the UN Security Council, will continue its support to the legitimate government represented by President Abdu Rabbu Mansour Hadi.

In a press interview with 26 September Newspaper, official mouthpiece of Yemen National Army, the ambassador Yong said that China will continue its efforts with the Yemeni government, various Yemeni parties and the United Nations to promote the peace process.

He pointed out that China regularly coordinates with the Yemeni government about China’s participation in the future reconstruction process in Yemen.

He said “I believe that the Riyadh agreement has important implications … as it sends a positive message to the world that the Yemeni people can solve their differences through dialogue and peaceful means.”

According to the agreement, the Southern Transitional Council will participate in the new government, and also the army and security forces will be reorganized to be run by the legitimate government. This represents a positive message for reaching comprehensive understandings to end the conflict in Yemen, He explained.

“When I communicate with the Yemeni government and Transitional Council, the two parties express the sincere intention to implement the agreement. It’s true that the implementation of the agreement faces some difficulties, and this is normal, as all agreements in the world face challenges and difficulties, but we are still optimistic about the implementation of the agreement.” Yong mentioned.

At the moment, China-Yemen cooperation is confined to provision of humanitarian aides provided by China to Yemen due to the exceptional circumstances in Yemen.

He added that he consulted with the Yemen Supreme Relief Committee, Yemen’s Ministry of Public Health and Population and relevant Chines stakeholders to take part towards the epidemics control.

China plans to provide Yemen with cleaning equipment such as the waste barrels and disinfection tools to control spread of infectious diseases, according to Yong.

He said that China had also talks with some officials of the Yemeni government about post-war cooperation.

He highlighted the giant Chinese project; the Belt and Road Initiative that aims at strengthening China’s economic cooperation worldwide.

Yemen is not part of the Belt and Road project yet because of the ongoing fighting in Yemen, according to Yong.

However, China did not forget Yemen. It invited Yemen’s Minister of Industry and Trade to participate in the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation which was held early this year in Beijing.

Yemen signed a memorandum of understanding with China to promote the cooperation on this respect.

“This memorandum provided the legal basis for mutual cooperation between the two countries on this side,” said Yong.

He mentioned that Yemen has a strategic location, natural resources and industrious people which all can expand Yemen-China cooperation.

He reaffirmed that the political solution is the sole way to end sufferings of the Yemeni people brought by the ongoing war that was sparked by the Houthis militia’s coup.

Yong said that China is concerned with the security of the Middle East, calls for solving problems in a political manner and dialogue, and believes that the countries of the region should promote economic development and improve people’s livelihood.

He said that some western countries, especially the USA, wants to achieve their interests by historical domination. They believe that China will follow the same path. Especially since the United States is afraid of China to become the new dominant, and this is not true. In fact, China does not think about it, China is only thinking to improve the Chinese people’s livelihood continuously.

Recently, the United States has been creating obstacles to blocking Chinese development. For example, it imposes sanctions on Huawei, perhaps the United States believes that China should only manufacture and produce clothes and shoes, and it has no right to make advanced smart phones, and develop the science of Fifth-Generation (5G) Telecommunications

At the end of the interview, the Chines ambassador said

“I want to say a few words to all parties in Yemen:

– Dialogue and a political solution is the only solution to the Yemeni issue.

– No matter how different the political parties are, they all belong to the Yemeni people, and they should not fight with each other.

– The Yemeni people have suffered a lot. It is time to end the war so that the Yemeni people can lead a normal life.”

“2020 closes and I hope Yemen will get rid of of war and achieve comprehensive reconciliation, and the Yemeni people can enjoy a peaceful and happy life.” ambassador Yong concluded.


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