Abductees’ Mothers: 168 sick abductees in Houthis prisons denied health care

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September Net

The Abductees’ Mothers Association revealed that 168 sick abductees inside prisons of Houthi militia were subjected to psychological and physical torture and deliberate health neglect.

The Association said in a statement issued during Thursday’s protest in Sana’a that abductees whose lives at risk were not allowed to receive necessary medical treatment, nor their families were allowed to provide medicine for them by the Houthi militia.

The statement confirmed death of 14 detained abductees due to denial of medical care inside the militia’s prisons.

The Houthi militia has continued to deprive 100 abductees inside their prisons in capital Sana’a of medical care, the statement went on.

It said the militia administrations of prisons refrain from transferring the sick abductees to hospitals to be examined by specialized doctors, and they don’t respond to doctors’ demands to release the abductees.

The statement explained that a number of abductees were paralyzed due to spine injuries they suffered while being tortured by the Houthi militia.

While some abductees have suffered strokes, high blood pressure, diabetes, kidney failure and chronic diseases, causing cases of fainting and psychological disorder among abductees, according to the statement.


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