Houthi militia killed 668 women and injured 1733 in Yemen, new report

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September Net

The Iran-backed Houthi militia has committed more than 14,000 human rights violations against women in 19 Yemeni governorates since the start of the war almost five years ago, human rights report said.

In a report released Yesterday, Wednesday , on the occasion of the International Women’s Day, Rights Radar Organization said the Houthi militia committed 14 thousand and 907 violations including 668 killings, 1733 injuries and 353 abductions against women in 19 Yemeni Governorates.

Rights Radar calls on the prosecution for those who have committed violations, crimes and abuses of human rights.

It demanded the Houthi militia to stop targeting women and children and also to stop all forms of violations against the rights of women and children, and to provide special protection for them.

It also demanded the Houthi rebels to stop planting mines, and to hand over the maps of landmines that planted in areas they had lost, and to limit the forced displacement of the residents of the areas under their control.


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