Houthis commit war crimes against civilians in Al-Bayda province

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September Net

Iran-backed Houthi militia continues to its crimes against civilians in AlBayda Governorate, including killing women and children.

On Monday April 27th, in the first days of the Holly month of Ramadan, Houthi militia killed an innocent young girl named Gihad in Asbah village.

Dozens of Houthi militiamen abroad combat vehicles and one armored car raided the village in Altafah district in an attempt to kidnap a citizen named Hussein Mohammed Alasbshi, local sources told September Net.

The Houthis randomly started shooting gunfire on the house of Alasbshi, who kept resisting for two hours until he managed to flee.

The sources said that Gihad, the wife of Alasbshi’s son was shot by the Houthi heavily gunfire on the hous and that she died immediately.

Murdering Mousqe Imam Just in less than 24 hours of killing Gihad, Houthi militia killed a mosque preacher in another district of the province.

According to local sources, the militia launched heavy artillary and rocket shelling against residential neighborhoods in Alsomaa district.

A kattusha rocket fell next to the Mousqe clerk named Mosa Alameri who was going to perform Dhor Prayer. He died on the spot.

Deliberate attacks Citizens in AlBayda Governorate say Houthi militia continuously target populated areas killing and wounding civilians including women and children and leaving major damages on people’s homes.

Hundreds of crimes and atrocities have been committed by the Houthis rebels in different parts of the province and with women and children making up majority of these crimes.

Killing children Children also were not safe from the missiles fired frequently by the Houthis against civilians in the province.

On April 21, the militia killed a five-year-old child and critically injured his pregnant mother by heavy sheing on Alakla region.

The sources said that the mother is still suffering from shock after she knew her son was killed. Continued murders In Naem district, a citizen sustained critical injuries after being shot by a Houthi leader called Abu Fares while the victim was filling his car with fuel. Houthi atrocities against civilians in AlBayda are increasing significantly and documented in international reports and reports of local NGO organizations.

Yet, no decisive actions taken by international community to stop such Houthi crimes or punish perpetrators.

According to reports by local and international organizations the Houthi crimes against civilians mount to war crimes and crimes against humanity.



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