Cabinet appreciates army’s role stationed in various positions and fronts


September Net

Defense Minister Lt. Gen. Mohammed Al-Maqdashi stressed that the army forces, the popular resistance and tribesmen continue to counter the Houthi rebel militia attacks, failing them and liberating a number of positions controlled the militia.

This was reported during a meeting of the Cabinet on Thursday, via video communication, headed by Prime Minister Dr. Ma’eenn Abdul Malik, to discuss a number of files and issues related to the situation and internal developments.

Defense Minister briefed the Cabinet on the situation in a number of fronts in light of the continued escalation of the Houthi rebel militia, and its failure to respond to the truce announced by the Saudi-led Coalition for the support of Yemeni legitimate government.

The Cabinet renewed the government’s full support for the national army and the popular resistance to protect the homeland and citizens and preserve the republican system and the unity of Yemeni territory.

Moreover, the cabinet appreciated the role of the army, the popular resistance and tribesmen in various locations and fronts, in countering the escalation of the Houthi militia, which rejects all calls for a cease-fire and unite efforts to confront the Corona epidemic.


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