Sadiq Sarhan confirms the army’s control of the palace in Taiz and ready to march towards the Special Security Forces

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SeptemberNet- The National Army forces continue to advance in the eastern front, according to a deliberate military plan to liberate Taiz province entirely from the Houthi-Saleh militias,

The commander of the 22nd Brigade, Brigadier General Sadeq Sarhan, said.

The forces of the National Army 22 Mika command full control of the camp and the presidential palace east of the city of Taiz, Sarhan said in an exclusive statement to SeptemberNet.

The forces of the 22nd Brigade had become close to the camp of the special security forces, adding that after controlling it will be crawling towards the area of ​​Al-Hoban, the last strongholds of the militia east of Taiz, to cut military supplies coming from Sana’a to Taiz.

The National Army can achieve many victories with the support of the legitimate leadership and the Arab coalition. We thank the Arab coalition countries led by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for supporting the legitimacy in Yemen, The commander explained.


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