Houthi militia commits thousands of violations in Al-Jawf, says organization

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September Net

The Right for Life Organization has monitored 16 thousands violations in Jawf during the period between July 2016 and September 2019.

Deputy Governor of Al-Jawf Abdullah Al-Hashidi confirmed significance of the right organizations’ role in disclosing Houthi militia’s crimes, carrying out suffering of the people abroad and monitoring violations against civilians.

Depriving children from their education is one of the most dangerous violations and this is what happened in Jawf, added Al-Hashidi in a press conference on human rights violations in Jawf held by the organization.

The organization released its report on Houthi violations during the press conference on Saturday.

The violations varied between killing, injuring, displacing, illegal detention, kidnapping, forcibly disappearance and bombing houses.

The organization monitored 379 killing cases, included 172 children, 106 women, 101 aged people, and 786 injured cases included 290 children and 113 women.

It also monitored displacing of 12673 families, bombing 14 houses, 45 educational facilities and 11 health facilitations and damaged 700 houses.


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